At Modern Gents, It’s Not Just a Hair Cut, It’s an Experience!

All I can say is WOW! I’ve been to numerous salons and barbershops across the country and I can easily say this is the best experience that I have ever had.

From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, I felt like a king. Sure, I’ve had great haircuts and good experiences before, but this hands-down topped them all.

The place starts off with an outdoor cigar lounge, offer­ing eight comfortable patio chairs. When you walk in, you see a large brick wall with the face of the Modern Gent on it. The reception area features black leather couches, a sha­dow­box table showing the evolution of the straight razor, and shelving consisting of some of the best and most elegant hair, shave, skin, and beard products on the market.

They carry Baxter of California, V76 by Vaughn, Mr. Natty, and Castle Forbes…all products that I have heard great things about, but have never seen in any barbershops or salons in the area.

I was greeted by a receptionist, who gave me tour. Once I got around the 15-foot brick wall, I almost fell on the floor with how amazing this place looked: dark wainscot and crown molding, eight barber stations with large mirrors and white granite countertops, two hair wash and coloring stations, a color bar, and four 55-inch HD televisions mounted on the wall.

There were five customers sitting in the chairs, two drinking scotch and getting facials, two were drinking beer and getting straight razor shaves, and the last guy was get­ting his hair colored af­ter his haircut. There were four dif­ferent NCAA Bas­ketball games on the televisions for March Madness and jazz music over the speakers. When I thought this place couldn’t get any better, the re­cep­tionist walked me to the bar. That is when I realized that I was in love.

There I was, standing in front of a 20 foot bar featuring eight craft beers on tap, bottled beer, a wide array of exquisite wine and champagne, beer and wine cocktails, cigars, sodas, energy drinks, coffee, espressos, lattes, and even growlers to go. The bar also had black leather chairs and couches, an eye-catching mirrored wall, black and white barbershop photos, and three large televisions.

I sat down at the bar and ordered the MANMOSA, a beer and orange juice mixed drink that is served in a 32 ounce chalice.

When it was time for my haircut, my barber came and got me. I sat in the comfortable barber chair and got ready for the ultimate pampering package, the Modern Gent. First, the owner brought me a glass of Glenfiddich 15, my favorite single malt scotch. This was complimentary with my package, and I couldn’t be happier. Then started my experience.

First, I received a hair wash and scalp massage. Then, I got an excellent haircut where the barber cleaned up around my sideburns and hairline with a straight razor. After that, I was leaned back in the chair and had a hot towel with an amazing scent placed over my face. While the towel was on, a facial steamer was consistently on my face to keep the towel hot.

Then the magic started. A black towel was placed over my eyes and I started to receive the straight razor shave. I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep. I was woken up and then started getting my facial. The facial started with a exfoliator, to a moisturizer, and ended with a clay mask while my face was being steamed the entire time. The experience was simply amazing.

After my service was finished, I went back to the bar. I got a flight of beer to sample some of the beer choices, and then got a 64-ounce growler to go with the Modern Gents logo on the glass. I ran into the owners, Nick and Ruben, and expressed my overall satisfaction for the business. I asked them how they came up with it.

“We just wanted to create a business where a guy would not only want to come to and get a haircut, but also not want to leave when he got here. We have seven big screen televisions, amazing product lines ranging from skin and hair to mustaches and beards, complimentary wi-fi, experienced barbers and stylists, an organic color line, and a full craft beer and wine lounge. Why leave?” Nick said.

“Men deserve to get pampered too. There are hundreds of choices out there to get a basic haircut, but we wanted a business where our customers feel the difference and come for the overall experience. We wanted a place where we would go to, a place where the customer is satisfied from beginning to end, and we feel like we created that.” Ruben said.

“Why wait in a waiting room when you can go back to the bar, drink a beer, and watch a game while waiting for a haircut. The bar is also open to the public, so we have numerous people just come in for our bar because they simply like our wine or beer list better than other places around. Whether you are by yourself, with friends, or with your wife or girlfriend, Modern Gents can be a place for everyone to enjoy,” Nick said.

I couldn’t be more impressed with these two professionals, they really made me feel like I was in my own man cave. As I went to check out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my experience was 50% off my first visit in the month of March, and I received a complimentary Modern Gents pint glass. Modern Gents, I would give you “6 stars” if I could. Congratulations and good luck moving forward. You have definitely made a client for life. For anyone anywhere near the area looking for the best experience around, this is the place.


Modern Gents is located at 8233 Cooper Creek Blvd., University Park. To make an appointment, you can phone 315-8012. Check out their website at